ArtZaanstad 2018 - ElizabethKoning - Bellamy Gallery

My work #nexus
is 25, 26 en 27 mei @ Artzaanstad 2018: al decennia lang een begrip op
het gebied van hedendaagse beeldende kunst in heel Nederland.
Artzaanstad with #bellamygallery #artzaanstad #Elizabethkoning
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My work #nexus
is 25, 26 en 27 mei @ Artzaanstad 2018: al decennia lang een begrip op
het gebied van hedendaagse beeldende kunst in heel Nederland.
Artzaanstad with #bellamygallery #artzaanstad #Elizabethkoning #elizabeth #koning #elizabethkoning #portrait #kunst #portretkunst #colors #childrenportraits #portraiture #portraitart #portraitphotography #kinderportretten #kinderportret #portretten_in_opdracht #portretfotografie #fotokunst#galerie #Photography #fineart #Vogue #Dodho #Magazine #Models #PortraitMasters #portret-meesters #Vogue #photovogue
#Lensculture #photography # contemporaryfineart #galleries #amsterdam #
NewYork #Fashion # fashionimages #foam #Netherlands #aperture
#FOAM-Talent #CriticalMas #ShotsMagazine #Fotofest #Flakphoto
#FractionMagazine #BurnMagazine

The 5th Annual Textile Art of Today 2018/2019

The 5th Annual Textile Art of Today 2018/2019

My work is chosen by the Commission of Curators of the 5th Annual Textile Art of Today 2018/2019 !!!!

400 artists from 49 countries across 5 continents have signed up for the 5th Textile Art of Today.
Argentina | Australia | Austria | Bangladesh | Belgium | Brasil | Bulgaria | Canada | Croatia | Czech Republic | Denmark | England | Estonia | Finland | France | Germany | Greece | Hungary | Chile | India | Indonesia | Ireland | Israel | Italy | Japan | Lithuania | Mexico | Maroco | Netherlands | Norway | Poland | Portugal | Puerto Rico | Belarus Republic | Romania | Russia | Senegal | Serbia | Slovak Republik | Slovenia | South Africa | South Korea | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | Taiwan | Turkey | Ukraine | USA

Commission of Curators of the 5th Annual Textile Art of Today 2018/2019:from the left: Andrej Augustín, Director of Textile Art of Today (SK), Katona Szabó Erzsébet, Union of Fine Arts and Utility Art in Hungary and curator T.A.O.T. of the Pesti Vigadó Gallery in Budapest (HU), Iwona Koźbiał-Grzegorzek, curator of the Historical Museum in Bielsko- Białej and curator T.A.O.T. of the exhibition at the Bielsko-Biala Museum of History (Bielsko-Biala), Anna Ondrušeková, director of Tatra Gallery in Poprad and curator T.A.O.T. of the Tatra Gallery in Poprad (SK), Simonffy Márta, chairwoman of the Union of Fine and Applied Arts in Hungary and curator T.A.O.T. of the exhibition Pia Vigadó Gallery in Budapest (HU), Ria Treppo, architect of the Art of Today textile exhibition at Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum (JU), Júlia Sabová, Head of the Department of Textile Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava and curator T.A.O.T. of the exhibition at Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum SK), Martin Augustín, Artistic Director of Textile Art of Today (SK), Marie Martykánová, Curator of the Slovácke Museum in Uherské Hradiště and curator T.A.O.T. of the exhibition in the Gallery of the Slovácke Museum in Uherské Hradiště (CZ).
The Commission of Curators Textile Art of Today chose these authors and students for the 5th Textile Art of Today 2018/2019:
Almyra Weigel, GermanyAnnie Verhoeven, NetherlandsAnton Veenstra, AustraliaAntra Augustinovica, LatviaAshley Catharine Smith, USAAtsuko Sasaki, JapanBalog Edit, HungaryBeppe Kessler, NetherlandsBerna Isbilir Aydin, TurkeyBijlenga, Marian, NetherlandsBlanka Cepková, Slovak RepublicBrustureanu Cornelia, RomaniaCarlos Carvalho, IndonesiaCristiana Fasano, ItalyDaniel Szalai, Slovak RepublicDiana Janusone, LatviaDominika Krogulska-Czekalska, PolandDominika Sládková, Czech RepublicDominika Walczak, PolandDorina Horătău, RomaniaDorte Jensen, DenmarkElena Fajt, Slovenia Elizabeth Koning, Netherlands Eszter Bornemisza, HungaryEva Damborská, Czech Republic Francisca Henneman, Netherlands Gabriela Pustková, Czech RepublicGerda Ritzmann, SwitzerlandGudrun Bartenberger-Geyer, AustriaHeike Schaefer, GermanyHelena Hošková, Czech RepublicHelga Cmelka, AustriaWolfgang Horn, GermanyChang, Ching-Yi, TaiwanChiho Ikeda, JapanMartina Chudá, Slovak RepublicIldikó Somodi, HungaryIrena Andrejeva, LatviaIrina Kolesnikova, GermanyIsabel Barbuzza, USAJane Mckeating, United KingdomJiseon Yoon, KoreaJoanna Zemanek, PolandJohanna Pöykkö, FinlandJohanna Suonpää, FinlandJune Lee, South KoreaKarolina Lizurej, PolandKasia Tons, South AustraliaKrista Leesi, EstoniaKunhang Li, United KingdomMandy Coppes Martin, South AfricaMária Fulková, Slovak RepublicMaría Ortega Gálvez, SpainMartin Kratochvil, Slovak RepublicMichel Gautier, CanadaMiroslav Brooš, Slovak RepublicNathalie Muller, NetherlandsNoriko Tomita, JapanPatipat Chaiwitesh, ThailandPiotr Pandyra, PolandRagnhildur Stefansdottir, IcelandRaija Jokinen, FinlandRenata Ormandíková, Slovak RepublicRobert Burton, United KingdomRuth Harries, United KingdomSarah Burgess, United KingdomSchnaider Alex, IsraelSiegel,Melanie, CanadaStewart Kelly, United KingdomSui Park, USASylvia Birkušová, Slovak RepublicTakumi Ushio, JapanTruchta-Nowicka Mirosława, PolandMisako Wakamatsu, JapanXia Gao, USA
Students:Barbara Mydlak, PolandDerya Meriç, TurkeyEva Šrubařová, Slovak RepublicKarolína Mrázková, Czech RepublicLucia Seppová, Slovak RepublicPamela Palma Olguín, ChileRosanna Rios, JapanSarah Naqvi, IndiaTerézia Krnáčová, Slovak RepublicTomasz Frasoński, Poland400 artists from 49 countries across 5 continents have signed up for the 5th Textile Art of Today.



Vogue Photo Festival - Huawei

A new Renaissance

The Renaissance was an era when Literature, the Arts and Science where in full bloom and that deeply inspires us still today, as shown by the works from contemporary artists who revisit ancient paintings or big fashion houses’ collections with a modern twist. Such cultural splendor changed the way man was perceived and brought about a new conception of life alongside with the reinstatement of ethical values and a greater freedom of thought and expression.

The Renaissance still holds a powerful appeal over us as it reminds us of what we are capable of when we cultivate change or turn it into action and creativity. How many times are we reborn in the course of our life? How many times we change the way we perceive the world or see with new eyes the reality that surrounds us, maybe with the “amazement of first times”? Sometimes major events push us in that direction,  more often it’s casual encounters and minor occurrences in our daily life. Our own renaissance may coincide with a new self-perception, with rediscovering something we had lost or forgotten, with the amazement of trying a brand new sensation, of thinking outside the box, of ceasing to have inhibitions caused by someone else, and not by us. What art form may represent this change of perspective better than photography? Like Wim Wenders said: “Through the lenses, those who take a picture  can leave themselves, and be on the other side, in the world, to better understand, see, feel, and love more”. A sharper vision that sometimes may turn into deep understanding or, on the contrary, may raise new interrogatives, since each image carries with itself a secret, something mysterious and unfathomable that may not be labeled or fully explained.

A revolution in our vision we can experiment with wherever we are and without having to turn to a camera, as demonstrated by Huawei with its new HUAWEI P20 and HUAWEI P20 Pro starting a true Renaissance of Photography. Thanks to these advanced photo cameras created in collaboration with storied brand Leica, and to a powerful artificial intelligence, these brand new designs allow to create professional images in real time, without losing the spontaneity of the moment. Skillfully blending art and technology, Huawei has started a new era of  smartphone photography, opening up endless possibilities for creative expression. With HUAWEI P20 and HUAWEI P20 Pro it will be possible to shoot and share easily the beauty of the world that surrounds us without caring about the limits imposed by the settings we are in. Taking pictures in poor lighting, for instance, is not a problem anymore: the Leica triple-camera  (featuring the highest number of pixels among modern smartphones) and the Hybrid zoom 5x featured in the HUAWEI P20 Pro, as well as the Leica dual-camera in the HUAWEI P20 design, make up an advanced photographic system capable of capturing more light and details at nighttime. The perfect shot in every situation is guaranteed by the sophisticated artificial intelligence that can automatically detect over 500 scenarios and select the camera’s most suitable settings to obtain top quality images. Better image stabilization, better  focalization and exact reproduction of color, a refined design: with its top quality assets Huawei enables us to make our ideas come true.

Inspired by this celebration of the art of light, Vogue Italia and Huawei, main partner of BASE at Photo Vogue Festival, call all photographers to take up the challenge to represent #AnewReinassance visually for the festival’s third edition.

by Francesca Marani

Art photography , Arts , Photographers , Photo Vogue Festival

Phonographer - Elizabeth Koning Exhibition

D&F Presents : Phonographer Creatives Expo

De nieuwe expo “Phonographer Creatives” van D&F in samenwerking met Phonographer (het magazine voor
smartphone fotografie) zal zondagmiddag om 14 uur officieel geopend
worden. De expo loopt vanaf 12 januari t/m 18 februari 2018 en is te
bezoeken op vr/za/zo van 13 - 17 uur op Kunstplein Cahen in (Muurhuizen
104) te #Amersfoort

D&F werkt hierin samen met hét smartphone magazine van Nederland en
Belgie: Phonographer. Veel van de mensen uit binnen- en buitenland die
een foto of interview gehad hebben in de eerste vier edities van
Phonographer zullen een foto exposeren in deze D&F expositie.

Deelnemers uit binnen- en buitenland zijn:

Eliza Badoiu / Gerben van Es / Liset Terpstra / Mariette Schrijver /
Jane Schultz / Silvia Veldkamp / Bert Waber /Els Berman / Jolan van Elk /
Lysanne Wezenburg / Paul van der Meer / Robert Jan Stokman / Peter
Weldam / Nico Bonfrere / Christel van der Berg / Bianca de Gooijer /
Huub van den Hengel / Erik Lieber / Sebastiaan Brons / Mark Setjo / Elizabeth Koning
/ Sandra Lensink / Nico Brons / Karen Divine / Margreet Faber / Guilia
Batia / Annemarie Vriends / En Eg / Eric Bos / Huub van der Hengel /
Marjolein Lensink / Esther Prinze



Naarderstraat 27, 1251 AZ Laren

Artwork by
that can be seen in BARBARA EMMY INTERIORS, Laren as from today, it’s just the
perfect match!

There are several pieces so please do come by and have a look!

Black Swan

Black Swan - Portrait by commission 2018
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All rights reserved. All images are registered and fingerprint on composed date and time .

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