Rubi - kinderportretten in opdracht

Elizabeth Koning, there are no boundaries.  For many years she lived and
worked in Milan, Italy, then to London and then back to Milan again
seeing a lot of the advertising world, the hotspots of northern Italy.  After a while, she changed her job as a model, before the camera into
organizing and managing a renowned Milanese model agency. Through the
modeling agency, she came into contact with the fashion houses that had
to sell their collections. At the same time, she worked for a fashion
magazine as the assistant to the editor-in-chief. The worldly fashion
scene, refined intellectual, artistic, developing taste, Italy has given
her a deeper cultural awareness. But also, of course, the unrestrained
happiness and hot parties on the islands, on the rooftops, the views,
the panoramas and everywhere you went there was ancient art and new,
refined taste.

After fifteen years, she returned to the
Netherlands, looking with a refreshed view at the typical Dutch cultural
scene. Elizabeth is married has a daughter, Ottavia.

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